What’s included in the Bud System


Here is the module list of Bud system to be released.

Standard modules

1+ N Expandable Setup
HP Aeroponics System
Nutrient Chiller & Heater
Computing Module for Grow Plan & Data Logging
Communication Module for Remote Access
Camera Controller
Time-lapse Photo Scheduler
Nutrient Level Meter
Water Quality Meter (EC)
Circulation Pumps
Circulation Flow Sensor
Nutrient Temperature Sensor
Air Humidity & Air Temperature Sensors
Hot Standby Backup Pressure Control System
Control Interface for Grow Light & Exhaust Fan
Smart Power Management for APC Power Supplies
Leak & Flood Sensor

Add-on modules
*PH Sensing & Monitoring
*Digital HVAC Thermostats
*Auto-dosing Unit
*CO2 Management
*Nutrient Storage


Nice love it


What is the estimated timeline for the bud system to go into production/be available?


Thanks for the interests! We are as excited as you are. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned! We’re announcing our launch date this week on Instagram and order details will soon follow.

A little leak to you: engineering work has been finalized. Planning on the factory tooling and material sourcing.


I saw the release of information regarding a give away of a bud system. But nothing regarding the release date of the system for purchase.


haha. thanks for persisted interests. The release date is very close the the end of the pilot spot giveaway entry period. :slight_smile:

DM me if you have concerns or in the process of planning on something.