UV Filter Addon


Since my root temperature controller is on the fritz have been battling with some goop growing in my root chamber. It’s not fun. Long story short I want to install a UV light to avoid this sort of thing from happening in the future.

This is the light I bought:


They recommend not having it running 24/7 so the bulb lasts a lot longer. Instead of running it on my own timer is there already I/O’s set up as relays for this sort of thing?


As expected. You experiment with UV while I will send you a temp control this week.


Most chelate micronutrients, especially iron, are rapidly degraded by exposure to uv. The label on most nutrients will recommend storage in a cool, dark place :wink:


Yeah I read that.
I’m by no means an expert. But, based on the tiny bit of reading I did it should be fine. UV seems to be a pretty common way to diseninfect, often combined with other methods. For myself, in terms of risk vs. reward it’s pretty clear that the alternative of no sterilization is at least an order of magnitude worse.
Also, apparently Fe-EDDHA chelates are a lot less effected by UV, so I guess if iron deficiency becomes a problem I can just get some of that?


I picked up cheap timer, some tubing and a windshield washer pump for about $50.
I have to measure how much water that pump will move at 12V. Once I know that I can try to figure out how to tie that into this recommended figure of 100mJ/sq.cm for the UV sterilization.


Love you guys. Take some photos when you do the project.


@wanjun @dabushman @foggy

UV lamp ->It’s not working.

(platina coating )electrolysis 12V

water 2liter
3min ->99.9% sterilization

ozone zero
oxygen concentration up


The best one is still temp control.

Ozone and electrolyte both will possibly generate unintended substances. May not be food safe.

But I am happy to see so many creative thoughts.


from my reading it’s not so much the light but the gas uv lights produce co4/co3 ozone , you could try using a peroxide based cleaner in your system ,

I wouldn’t play too much with ozone generators any bigger than uv,

unless it’s between grows to clean the space or in your ducting to eat the smell

when I ran one in my garden it burnt all the leaves as the levels were much too high

it’s harmful to humans too so I doubt it would do the roots any good but co4 co3 does kill mold mildew and well there abouts everything including smell ! Just DO NOT BREATH IT IN !


That would work :+1:t2:


I just use reverse osmosis water for the nutes and drain to waste, no issues of any kind ;),
I have tried temperature controlled root chambers (45 gallon chest freezer equipped with external stc 1000) but it didnt provide enough performance benefit,to be worth its height. Its gathering dust in the shed until i find another use for it :wink:


If you have more than 10 years of experience with plant species and seasons, you will understan


Welcome all the ideas and experiences. :slight_smile:

I love new ideas and test results, less about “mine is better”, “I am expert” statements.

@sungbong_kim Your grow results are simply super pretty. Well done. And thanks for sharing with me.


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또 할갓입니다



So, even if the UV is overkill, I already bought the stuff, so it’s gonna get installed :slight_smile:
I figure in the short term I will just set it up in an easy to do fashion. Maybe longer term the goal would be to have it trigger when the pump runs so it cleans the stuff as it goes into the accumulator. It might result in a lot of on/offs though which might be bad for the bulb, but the bulb is like $18 or something.

This thread has produced some new questions though and at the risk of this thread becoming seriously derailed I’ll start a new thread for them…


@dabushman looks like a reasonable add on to me and low cost :+1:t2:


I did the experiment

germination…It was useful