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Print the wiring diagram, watch the video. “Brown wire is A13 as documented”

Quick connect tubes need to be pushed to the end, and use clip to lock it.

Good luck. And show some photos. :slight_smile:


Make sure you have the updated app


Live view.


Looking awesome brother!!


Awesome! I’m curious to see how it does as a cloner.


Day 0-1-2


Day 3’s roots. Going to change the reservoir today, up the dose of nutrients a little, and change the spray intervals from 3/420 lights on to 3/600-700. Thoughts?


Saw droplets on the root tips. Seems plants are not that thirsty.


Thank you, all new to me! I’ve gone from 3/420 to 3/600 to 2/900 schedule. We’ll see how she reacts


Hi Joe
15 minutes without mist is a long time for youngsters, i always try to use the shortest practical misting duration to maximise the misting frequency, more short mistings are better than a few long ones,
If you can disable one of the nozzles in the software you could try one nozzle with 2/450 which will provide the same amount as two nozzles on 2/900, If the nozzle response will handle 1 second misting you could use both nozzles on 1/450 timing to deliver the same amount… Its easier to think of the timing as the amount of water delivered over time. I would aim for 50ml of nutes per hour at that stage, no more than 100ml per hour if its under a 600w hps. The timing will depend on the nozzle flowrate, its very important to measure the real flowrate with the nozzles installed in the system.


I don’t know about the actual best interval to use. But precision was the priority when we designed the system.

AeroKit’ controller can control spray duration in precision of 0.1 second, with minimum duration of 0.3 seconds (open & close takes time…).

However, resilience of the plants usually makes it difficult to show conclusively difference. So we took the best value approach, making the system the most precise possible for reasonable costs.


I video the misting and use editting software to step through it frame by frame to figure out the actual mist duration from mist start to mist stop. Its always longer than the timer setting especially if you have more than a few inches of tubing between the solenoid and nozzle. The best my hpa nozzles can do is about a second, mist start to mist stop. I can make it longer but not any shorter


Yes. Ours is better in precision. But don’t see much more benefit. I would recommend minimum of 1-2 seconds to ensure the mist would have enough chance to float in the chamber. What we discovered wast that floating mist is better than direct spray to the root area.

So the recommendation from lab was to spray level or down to nutrient and let the floating mist to deliver nutrients. But each grower might find better way to deal with the intervals and angles. I would suggest try out different ways to do it, if you are a master grower. You might surprise yourself. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, It makes more sense for us to focus on improving quality, usability and automation for growers, where they gain more and cut down labors.


Here`s an accurate 0.3 seconds from mist start to mist stop, on a 0.3/20 cycle it will deliver the 50ml per hour as 180 individual mistings which create a constant level of floating mist. With this level of precision you can influence the mist concentration in the root zone with timing adjustments down to 0.05 / 1/200th of a second. The cost is higher than hpa, about $220 for the hardware in the vid but the level of control it provides is unmatched…

The difference between hpa and the above method is about the same as between low pressure and high pressure,aeroponics. In simple terms, the level of control you have over the mist.

fwiw, my recomendation would be 1.0ml to 1.6ml per misting, For this you will need the actual nozzle flowrate to convert into timer settings. As a guide, 1 second of mist ,start to stop, from two 0.8gph / 3LPH nozzles should give you 1.6ml, you`ll need 0.6 second misting to deliver 1ml. Aternatively, two 0.475gph / 1.8LPH nozzles should give you 1ml with 1 second timing and with 1.6 second timing.
Never trust the nozzle specifications to be accurate, always test in situ to ensure unique system hardware and plumbing that affects the mist performance is taken into account. Hydraulic and electrical delays, pressure drop and run-on can all play a role…
Use the 1ml per misting during the early growth stage, setting the timing interval to provide 48-50ml per hour. Use the 1.6ml per misting for the later growth stages, setting the timing interval to provide upto 99ml per hour.
If you cant get down to 1.6ml, do the best you can using the measured nozzle flowrate to calculate a timing that will provide the target hourly flowrates of 50ml and 99ml.
Be careful with the nutrient strength and never allow the ph to go above 6.0 in hpa.
It may not be much help but i keep my nozzles low until the roots reach the floor and then raise them. If you leave them low the roots will seek them out and rapidly encroach them. Raising the nozzles encourages the roots to climb up the walls and reach back into any open space still available. If you run too many plants or veg too long you can easily become a victim of your own success and run out of root space.