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3 Skunk #1 and 2 Purple Punch.



Is the Root Temperature Control set inside or outside of the tent?


Right now it is still inside.


I see.

@jeff had concern over the radiated heat to be trapped in the tent, and suggested to locate the RTC outside of the tent with extension tube.


My kit only came with one extension hose and adapter. I need 2 correct?


Just one extra tube and a connector included in the Kit.

That extra tube is twice long as the two existing tubes you are using. Connect the two existing tubes with the connector.


Day 8.


Looking good!


What are the atomizer settings (duration/interval)?

The upper part looks especially good, nice air roots.

Can’t tell specifically, but is the lower part saturated? But roots are white and fresh. Cool!


The lower part of the bigger roots is hanging down into the reservoir. I was thinking about putting an air stone in reservoir to give them more oxygen. I have them set at 3/180 during light and 3/240 lights off.


Ha. No wonder!

The plants look great and healthy. No need for a air stone. Air stone won’t create air roots :). The plants are getting enough oxygen. In fact, it would introduce heat into the root chamber.


The roots are kind of an off-white color now. Any idea what might be causing this?


Any photos? How is root temperature maintained?


Testing systems cloning ability installed Logitech c920 on system and will be adding another for hole tent view


Looking good :slight_smile:


Nice Cannaguy420 what’s up brother


Could be the nutrients your using , how often you change out reservoir ,


Cut back significantly on watering and that has fixed the issue.


Just got mine today. Will be getting my new tent tomorrow hopefully and starting to set it up. Anyone have any tips or heads up for me while setting up?