Saying hi and throwing ideas out


Hello bifarm family. I had some ideas and would like to know yours. After assembling the system getting a hands on approach and then looking at it I had a few ideas. Possibly making a bracket to attach the water chiller right to the unit like an s bracket or something and the same with the computer mod. I also would suggest making the plugs for electric longer then 1 foot. Offering different covers with a different hole pattern say 2 holes 2 or 3 inches round. Make the liner taller. So what are your thoughts to help make this system better


I love the system I agree wires could be longer especially for light controller and liner a bit higher would be a good idea I don’t think I’d want to mount the gear to the box I’d actually like to move mine out of the tent longer extension cables would be great


You can cap holes and drill new ones to your liking


You guys are good and quite handy. Those concerns actually came to our minds. But either we didn’t know how users are actually going to use it, or we didn’t know if added manufacturing cost make difference to users.

  1. power supplies plug => 3 foot?
  2. light switch => open to suggestion.
  3. AeroKit chiller is supposed to operate outside of tent, so that the heat can be dissipated easier. If you have power fan on the top of the tent, that might work too. (not tested) But agree, there should be a better way to secure the chiller. (And longer wires.)
  4. hole pattern flexibility is most discussed. we didn’t know how many plants are people going to grow, and the net cup size is suitable. Based on the feedback, we will supply 2 inch net cup for two holes? Let me know. Users can always drill holes with a hole saw and cap the holes not used.


I know the chiller is suppose to be outside a tent but I have mine in an open room I would need 10 foot extensions to get it out of the room . What about adding an air stone to the root chamber do you think that might benefit at all


Got you. Room should be big enough not to create hot spot. :slight_smile:

No air stone… I don’t think it would add any additional benefit. But it also runs into issue of getting hot air and possible contamination into the root chamber.


I think this would be perfectly fine for 4 plants if corner holes where moved farther apart even a few inches would make a big difference I don’t feel you need bigger cups small cups will help secure plants better


Also I’d like to add I have no heat issues inside tent with chiller in there most people that grow in tents have top ventilation air scrubber that vents out all the heat but I would love longer wires it would also be nice to put controller on top of my tent and run wires down into tent but it’s not that big of a deal but I do feel longer power cords and longer light switch would be very beneficial


Thanks It makes alot of sense about pumping hot air into it. And because the pump cycles the water I don’t see it being a problem with stagnant water.


That is good to know the top fan can handle the heat. @jeff


Noted the hole position and the cup size


If possible, let me know the desired wire length. I will make adjustments for the future.


Discrete shipping boxes in illegal states would be very beneficial I believe.


I’d like to see at least a 10 foot extension for light controller and 8 to 10 foot power cords for system


Ok. Will take a note of that.