Root Temperature Control Performance


I recently moved the RTC outside of my tent to try to bring the root temperature down. Still hovering around 28 degrees though, didn’t seem to make a noticeable difference. What kind of temperatures are most other people seeing? I’m trying to avoid having to relocate my entire setup to my basement!


what, thats more than ambient temperature. Does it also feel like 28°C when you touch it?
My cooler is loud, but does its job. Im constantly at 16°C.


Yeah it just spits out warm water… Let it run for a about without the fan on it. Doesn’t warm up. So I had a look inside… either that board is mislabeled or my Peltier is installed backwards.


mine is 18-20C. The temperature should be within 2% of the target.

Your screenshot shows air temperature is higher than nutrient. Something is wrong.


AeroKit doesn’t come with flow sensor, so can you manually check if temperature control has water flow when it is working (Y connector).

Get some video of the light status of the Temperature Control, and Y connector’s flow (the big tube end).


Yeah it is spitting water out the Y end which is in the water.



Ha. Why the box is open? :slight_smile:


I wanted to see if the Peltier was backwards


Don’t run it with case open. The fan and little reservoir are designed to work with direction and position fixed. If fan is not pointing to the radiator, it won’t work and there is insulation foam should be in place.


If the fan is not running correctly, the peltier could be burn’ed out by the heat.


haha. Just pasted the photo to engineers. They freaked out and yelled on me. haha


I already knew the fan and pump were working. This is why i opened it. The plastic on the back of the unit is slightly bowed out. Not sure if that’s from manufacturing or heat. I wanted to know if it would burn my house down :wink: it’s hard to capture in a photo.


Also, is this wired correctly?


Well, I have been focusing on Bud system recently. But from the memory of design of the temp control, when the nutrient temperature is not controlled, it usually means the pump not working. It could be pump issue, water intake blocked, or if there is no enough water, it freezes the inside water to ice, further blocks the water flow.

Now you are saying the water is flowing. And temperature is not working according to the settings, it usually means the component burned out by heat. The fan wasn’t effective removing heat in chilling mode, a situation caused by lack of proper air flow.


Great, well at least I have the part number now.


haha. You are funny. But I got to admire your DIY spirit. See if you can fix it, don’t forget the silicon, the one used in CPU radiation.

If not, let me know… :slight_smile: We will fix the issue together.

Temperature control is an essential part of AeroKit, so if it doesn’t work, things wont grow right. So, please let me know if you can’t fix it, I will send you mine. But shipping cost to your place is crazy… Wonder why?


Just for the record. I checked the contacts, the peltier was installed correctly but the board isn’t labelled properly. The labels for positive and ground are reversed.
The board version is 6.0


If it is reversed, you will experience runaway effect. The water would be either very hot or icing cold.

Try to set the temperature to 35C and see if it would bring down the water temperature.


Let me know your plan, I can ship a replacement to you.