Plastic Tub/Liner


Is the plastic tub even required? Is anyone else using it?


The EPP foam is not guaranteed leak proof by our supplier. Are you worried about the water sip through the space between the liner and case?

I did water proof with coating, but takes some time to do it. I just used this tape

It is a DIY kit, some people use soft liner (like trash can liner, but thicker) to with their own chamber and add more nozzles.


Yeah I did a test, the water certainly does seep through the foam given enough time… I’ll try to figure something out.


I agree. This is the aera can be improved. The manufacturer did find a way to waterproof the case with safe coating. Next version of AeroKit will be upgraded.

For Bud, this is not an issue, as it is a solid container similar to yeti cooler. Yes, with roto mold, pretty expensive but with solid build quality.


For posterity sake I’m putting this here. I had tried to replace the tub liner with some sheathing tape and a plastic drop cloth. It worked for about a month and then the sheathing tape failed. Water has now seeped under the liner :frowning: Uploading…



Try the tape for AC vent.