Plants can feel your emotion -- sounds crazy? Maybe


Have seen reports like this before. Actually one of the features submitted by our lab IS music therapy for plants. Haha. The secret I am leaking here is that our controller is capable to output music for plants, …, with attached speakers of course.

Lessons learnt here is that be nice to your plants. They will love you back. haha. Have you seen people loving their cars? Yeah.


I always play music for my ladies😁


My dad used to say this it’s all about the positive vibration bit of bob Marley or some jungle :crazy_face:



Love thy plants love thy neighbor


Truth everything works on vibrational frequencies what you put out to the world is what u get back!!if your a $h*tbag then ur going to step in dog crap everyday if your a bright light then u help lead the way for others…your choice dog poo or sunshine and smiles :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I used to be very nice to my first used car, and it loved me back… Yeah, I am one of them talking to cars.


A tree is known by its fruits.

thanks you