Nutrients ,to help others


I figured I would throw this up to help others so they don’t get clogged misters. I personaly am running canna nutrients at half strength right now. What are you running and what do you suggest for others


I’m going to run impellobio tribus and mammoth p and a very water down filtered compost tea and give it a run


I’m running Botanicare and someone told me I wouldn’t need to switch from that. What do you think? I follow my own feeding chart but I will adjust accordingly to this system


Give it a shot but I’d go less then half strength less is more in aeroponics


This is what we are all here for to do are part as growers and figure out a good grow plan for this system…we are the chosen ones so let’s all work together and everyone use different nutrients and different spray patterns and learn from one another so we can build a great grow plan for this system


Funny you say that I had the same idea but when I talked to impellio they said it’s not a good idea unless your going to do a res change every couple of days


I’m doing quarter strength I’ll probably change res once a week and see how it goes nobody really knows so it’s up to us to figure out what’s going to work


I’m running General Hydroponics with Calmag. Always had great results from GH.