Next order of business let’s talk time lapse


Trying to find a solution for your light flicker. Then I will do the time lapse.

Or you want the time lapse first? Pick one. Can’t do both at the same time… haha


They are synced up.


Definitely light flicker issue first…let’s get all the quirks worked out of the system and unlock its full potential


Ok. Released 2.09. Upgrade the controller, and see if it fixes the flicking issue.


I will let you know


Flicker is still occurring only during lights on but still frequently


That might be an issue with light switch. Manufacturer mentioned it before and sent me parts to fix it. They said the relays were not strong enough, and occasionally it fail to keep it on then recover. Yes, only happens during the on position. Although, I tested several, they seemed fine to me.

Next time when you see the flicker, please note the time, and export email the log to me. If it is AeroKit issue, the log would show.

Anyway, we are not going to manufacturing light switches anymore in the future. Instead, use
IOT Relay Switch as documented in the AeroKit home page. You can buy through the link (amazon)

I know it is inconvenient, and a loss to manufacturer. But I felt quality and reliability are more important.

Good news is that it is easy to connect. I am going to make a post on that.


Timelapes functions are enabled.

  1. Upgrade the controller to 2.14. This will enable cameras to take one photo every 30 minutes during light-on time range.

  2. Upgrade Grow app to 1.1.3. There is a button on the top right corner of the cam page.


I noticed I love it


Can’t wait to have a few weeks worth of the time lapse. Looks great!


Hey im currently into the timelapse thing.
I could post a workaround on how to build a timelapse out of still images.
check them out @homegrown_ger or i can send you an email.
The code would also run on linuxstations that have ffmpeg installed (which is a bit tricky to do on windows)

edit: will provide the code here later.


Yes. There are some software on Mac. The one I am using is time lapse assembler.