Next order of business let’s talk time lapse


How do I go about setting up for time lapse grows


Well, it is automated. Here is how it works.

  1. Get a UVC compatible cam. (we tested several, 2 are pretty good, see the guide thread)
  2. Plug in a USB port on the controller
  3. Controller will take a photo every 30 minutes during the “day” (light schedule).
  4. Images are saved on the controller.

Currently we haven’t make image extraction function public, because of the following:

  1. The sizes of the images in total over time could be big. So not sure it is the best to use phone to retrieve.

  2. another option is to use an internet browser on a computer in the same wifi network to retrieve those images.

  3. Or, with a usb thumb drive plugged in to an empty usb port of the controller, use mobile app to ask controller to save images to the usb drive.

What do you think?

If you want the timelapes images, don’t wait. Get a cam and plug in. Event the extraction function is yet to come, the images will be saved. Up to 4 cam are supported. Images are organized by the usb port number, so for consistency use the same port for cam so it would be easier to make time-lapse videos.

Yes, the time-lapse video is also possible. But it might be more efficient to make the video off the controller, as it is a computing intense operation. I am inclined to create an desktop app or cloud service so that the images can be “de-purple” and transcoded to videos and let controller focus on doing its primary job: grow.


It would be fine to retrieve on pc I wouldn’t have a problem with that at all maybe a added camera browser feature in app maybe nice to see in the future


I have Logitech c920 works great can’t wait to put together time lapse video


Quick question for some reason system turns my light off then back on several times a Day is this a glitch?


I will look at that. Can you email the log?

On journal page, top left icon.


I reloaded grow plan seems to have fixed the issue


I will make a note of that


It’s actually still doing it…it kicks my light off on the hour it seems?then turns it right back on


I think I might have some idea about it. But not 100% sure. Let me log this.

How critical it is as to growing process?


I’m more worried about it not being good for the lights that is my only concern


It is fine for LED lights.

But I will am on it. Thanks for reporting it.


Ok I just wanted to make sure it isn’t going to hurt the leds as Bloomboss is sending me there newest light to test over aerokit and it’s a pretty exspensive light so I wanted to be certain it will not affect it


The light turning on and off is a big problem for growing cannabis and also bad for the lights. I have had my light on a separate timer but planned on eventually having it plugged into the system. Please keep us updated.


Light only flickers on and off for a second during lights on doesn’t do it during lights out but I am concerned with my thousand dollar light constantly being turned off and right back on several times a day I would prefer it not to do that so I switched back to my regular timer till this glitch is figured out


USB drive will work perfect but I am open to any. Keep me updated I am excited to see some time lapses!


Me too.

The time lapse photos are taken during “light hours”. You mentioned that you use external timer for light. Hopefully, they match each other.


Yes but how do we access the photos to build time lapse videos


I will release the function soon.


I look forward to it!going to make for some awesome content on instagram and YouTube with aerokit timelapse don’t get any better then that :fire::fire::fire::fire: