My wiring is different from video


Ok I figured that part out now my next issues where the red wire was marked on the wrong wire also in ensemble video it show plugging brown wire into brown wire on b ribbon witch is temperature water probe I did not have a brown on b ribbon I had one on a ribbon that I believe it plugs into as it’s a 2prong connect and there’s no 2 prong connect on ribbon b also the water color said to plug into yellow on ribbon b and I don’t have yellow on ribbon b it’s on A so my wiring is totally different


Did I pack wrong parts? haha. Sorry for that. Please refer to the instruction document Page 10 to verify the connections.

For your convenience, here I post a screen shot.

Let me know if that helps.


Everything seems to be working properly A2 labeled red on ribbon A did not work atomizers I plugged into A1 and seems to be working fine


Correct. A1 & A2 both work. The controller is capable to handle 2 independent atomizers in large aeroponic setup. But A2 should have worked too.


A2 did not work at all even in maintenance mode it wouldn’t respond until I plugged into A1 maybe send me New A ribbon


Could be a cable manufacturer issue. I will make a note of that. We had reports on the cable issues before.

AeroKit uses only one cable for atomizers, either A1 or A2 can be used. If there are other issues, I will send out a replacement. We have very limited number of supplies, just want to make sure everyone else would able to run their AeroKit. Once we get new supply of the harnesses, I will send out replacement.

Hope you can understand. :slight_smile:


No problem it’s working fine