My first AeroRun - Full Documentation


April 27nd: Day 13 - Roots

4 Days in the chamber she’s slowly getting used to the environment. In the next week I expect exponential root and green leaf development.
I will lower the misting frequency in 2-3 days to enforce aeroponic root generation.

I also fed her for the first time. I gave her 1/2 of the recommended concentration of the GHE Flora Series nutes im using.

EC: 0.18 (TDS 360)
pH: 5.7


The nutrient strength is a little strange, For 0.5 conversion (Hanna etc) EC 0.18 is 100ppm, 360ppm is EC 0.7, EC 0.18/100ppm is good for seedlings, EC 0.7/360ppm will be too hot :wink:


I used some online calculator. I thought conversion goes [ppm]/500 = [EC].
Seedling seems fine though. I used half destilled haf tap water in the end and 1/2 of whats GHE is recommending on the bottle.


I use EC to convey nutrient strength,its universal. PPM is useful for figuring if the nutrient strength needs adjusting.
Converting EC to PPM and PPM to EC can be confusing :slight_smile:
How do I convert between TDS and EC readings?


haha. It is quite confusing for sure. Well, EC is also affected by temperature. Bud system comes with EC meter, so we should be able to convert the values before shown on the app.


I only measure the EC after mixing the nutrient to confirm its what it ought to be :wink:


May 8th: Day 24 - Two weeks in the system

The plant is about 3 weeks old. It spent one week in the IKEA hydroponics and needed another week to get used to the new system. I can really see some growth going, but nothing spectacular in comparison to her sister which i transplanted into soil. The plant in the system also gotta fight some deficiency or overmisting. I cant really tell. The leaves are a bit lime green in color, and also a bit droopy. I tried to dilute the solution and changed the misting frequeny from 1/400 to 2/1080 in the daytime. This seemed to encourage hydroponic root growth, so i will go back to 1/400 again, since this seemed to work better rootwise. I also saw no difference in color in the first 24hrs of this change.

DNA Genetics Chocolope in the AeroKit

Sister plant (Royal Queen Seeds Critical)

Blurry photo of roots. The root development is really fast!



I can not speak English

a lack of essential nutrients -> NO

High nutrient solution ->YES

In my experience,


What is the.nutrient usage?


Anything similar?


Looking like N-Def to me right now.
Theres 27l in the solution. in 17 l i added 1/2 of the recommended concentration. I added 10l tap yesterday, because i had an EC value of about 0.3 which might be too high. I think about swapping the whole solution for a fresh start.


Agree. Sent to our lab, the reply is n deficiency or lack of light. And for cannabis, it is more like nutrient issue than light in this case.

What is the nutrient and blend?


hi ec
and Low humidity at night

Also look at the nutrient solution temperature.


I use GHE Flora series and Atami CalMag right now. All 1/2 concentration. I doubt its a lack of light.


They also tell me don’t change at once. Do it in several times. Haha. Just relay the message to you.


Okay :slight_smile: I will do it tomorrow (3am here…zZz). What is the timescale an aeroponic plant usually reacts to such a change? To i even see a change in exisiting leaf material or only in newly developed?


It does not lack nutrients.
Non-absorbing condition


What could be the issue preventing nutrient absorption? High EC?


It does also look like a little dehydrated? Can’t tell. But it is also possible


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