Fan controll pwm circuit andv live neutrient monitoring ph & ec


Hello everybody mr b here … so I’ve set up the areo kit I must say it’s bad ass !

I’ve had a few teathing problems first being low pressure I found the pressure bottle was leaking so I quickly solved that one , and I had an ip conflict allso an easy fix .

So I have a few questions if I may please

1 is there any computer software I may monitor with write feed schedules etc ? The app is really user friendly but a live data feed would be brilliant .

2 is there any heater / fan controll relay for climet controll ? I’d guess the same sub bord as the neutrient one but with ac relayed supply no nc for fan and heater

3 are there any pins for neutrient or ph monitoring ? If so do you sell monitor ?

4 led spectrum controll , is this a Dali system digital or analog .

5 I’ve read you make an expansion cable for bud system could you explain More please as I’m looking to unlock it’s full potential if possible

6 what nutes I was going to go with canna …

7 open api ? How do we use this sorry using my local up address says denied witch is good to know I was looking to incorporate into smart home etc but I can’t find it .

Pece and love guys :green_heart:

Other than than it’s good as gold so far just heating up to temp thanks @wanjun