Bud Referral Program


As most of you know, users who sign up for our newsletter before the release of Bud will have exclusive access to 50% off of the MSRP price (base kit starting at $1990 before discount). In addition to this, we wanted to give our audience the chance to earn additional discounts based on the number of referrals they generate.

For those of you who are already involved in Bifarm with the AeroKit, we’d love to keep track of your referrals so we’re able to separate them from the general audience…and maybe share some extra love with our top referrers :wink:

If you guys could just drop your own referral link in the forum here so we know who you are, that’d be awesome!

Thank you once again for all you do for us. Happy growing, and looking forward to your feedback on our latest creation!


Thanks Kalei!

@cannaguy420 @banjopants1022 @joe_grow @jgcannatrees @growguy @carlifex @eils
Thanks for your help in spreading the words.

The referral/invite code is in your email confirmation when you signed up the bud system.


Did I sign up?cant find the email


If you haven’t, sign up there. :slight_smile: haha. Saw you re-post on IG. Thanks!


Don’t see email either


Ha. That is not good. Let me check our mail service.

In the mean time, please go to the site to sign up again. And let me know if it goes to to spam folder this time. Thanks!!


I also can’t find mine either


You will only receive the email with a personalized code if you sign up for our newsletter/referral program at bud.bifarm.com – once you do that, check your inbox or spam folder!


Kalei. I found out the issue. It was ME who made a mistake, holding up the emails from going out. Just fixed that last night.

Guys, check your email. It should be there by now…


한국인은 네이버 메일을 많이 사용한다
그들은 내 링크를 통해 가입했지만 누구도 가입 메일을 받지 못했고 나를 욕한다


Hey @wanjun I’m happy to be part of the team thanks a lot to you and the @bifarm team for choosing me In the @instagram competition I’m privileged :facepunch:t3: