Atomizer schedule and positioning


Just curious to see what people use for their spray intervals? I’ve asked almost everyone on Instagram but wanted to get it all in one place.

Also, how do you have the misters positioned? Do you have them at a 45 degree angle pointing at the roots or do you have it more parallel to the floor?

I started at 3/420 lights on and 3/800 lights off, with misters mostly parallel to the floor (pointing at each other not the roots). Today is day 4 for my clone and I think I’m going to scale back the schedule to 3/600 or 3/700 with lights on and keep the misters pointed at each other.

Let me know what you all think


I’m doing pretty much the same trying to find that perfect interval I’m at 2/400 right now


Hi Joe
I dont have an aerokit but in my experience its better to keep the misting duration as short as the nozzle response will allow. Without the information its difficult to advise but if you consider 1/200 timing will deliver the same amount of nutes over the same time period as 3/600 youll see better results from the 3 short mistings vs 1 long misting as it creates a more consistant environment for the roots. The 3/600 will give you a more defined wet/dry cycle which discourages roothair growth. If the roots are overwet they tend to follow the water down and head straight for the floor. Ideally, you want them to stay up and throw out more aero roots from the netpot so the root bundle girth and length remains similar. The more aero structured roots the plant has, the more mist it can intercept and the happier it will be. Consistancy and rootmass are both important in aero. Be sure to keep detailed notes, they are priceless,. Hi Cannaguy, youll find the perfect mist timing only lasts a day or two before it requires adjustment, a good thing,
All the best for your grows guys


Welcome onboard, foggy.

I agree. “Short and sweet” is better. In our trial, one test almost statured the roots, the result was bad.

It requires knowledges to tune the delivery schedule. Not every user is experienced.

Hopefully, with the parameters set to constant, such as root chamber size, pressure range level, etc. User can tune the schedule with their grow plans. Once it is done, the plan can be shared and reused, with the same parameters.

Again, welcome!


This is great knowledge thank you for sharing much appreciated!


Hi Wanjun,
Thanks for the welcome. Saturated roots can slow the growth right down, aero roots take fewer resources and grow much faster than solid roots. In older plants, overmisting will cause the leaves to droop but the stems will stay upright, You will notice it more during the dark period if you run the same timing day and night. Its an easy one to troubleshoot, turn the mist off for a while and see if the plant perks up. If the leaves and stem go limp, its most likely to be undermisting. Overmisting can sometimes show up as phantom nute deficiency symptoms especially when the plants are small, rule of thumb is to check the roots before reaching for nutes…


Here is the test result I mentioned earlier.


Watching roots convert from hydro or soil to aero never gets old. The transitions can cost upto a week in lost growing time, its a good incentive to grow aero roots from the get go.
Converting soil roots to hpa is a little easier for the plant than hydro roots.



I’ll tell you this, in the Aerokit 1/200 is too short to keep anything alive. I saw a lot of hair growth but the plants were wilting. I’m trying 1.5/200 and it seems to be ok for now, edit: that also caused wilting after about another day. Switched to 2/400 and we they plants are happy again

Hey Foggy, maybe you should buy an Aerokit so we can put all this experience of yours to better use eh? :wink: