AeroKit pressure is low


Normally the low pressure issue comes from:

  1. Pump is turned off.
  2. There is air trapped in side of the tube.
  3. Leaks.

The 2 & 3 usually happens when the AeroKit is just setup before normal use.

  1. Check all the connections during the assembling process, especially the blue tube. It needs to push all the way in to the connector.

  2. Check Y connector near the yellow tube. It connects to temperature control. The thinner tube needs to latch over the bump so that air wouldn’t get sucked in.

Try to manually prime the system: use the clear tube in the pressure control box, put it inside of the root chamber, and open the connected drain valve. Turn of the pressure pump, and let it purge the air inside. Then close the drain valve. You should see the pressure climb up. Turn the pump mode to be auto, and monitor the pressure level.

If it doesn’t, then there might be issue with the pump’s connector. Remove the padding inside of the pressure box. Locate the two pump tube connector. Check if there is any leak. If so, tighten the thread. and try above process again.

DM me if you have questions.


I had this problem on a reservoir change and figured it was air trapped in line and did exactly that had to bleed it out