AeroKit Light Switch Conversion


There are some reported light switch issues. The original design was intended to use with IoT Relay Switch on Amazon. But it was out of stock at that time for a half year. So we supplied our own.

But going forward, we are not going to supply the light switch anymore, as we felt IoT Relay Switch was a better option.

Here is how to convert to use IoT Relay Switch

  1. Open the light switch box. Disconnect the Red-Black-Yellow wires. Unscrew the connector cap and take out the signal wire.

  2. Remove the connector from IotRelay

  3. Connect only Red (Right) and Black (Left) and cap/tape the Yellow wire.

Here is the testing video


This should work even better because you can have it control multiple lights and fans and ventilation


I will order and try and get back to you


Yes. It does control fans and lights.

Question, do they use the same schedule? Or you want to control them independently?


Same schedule


Got it. Yeah. The IoT relay comes with 4 plugs. Two can be used as light or air, one is opposite of the schedule. And one is always on.


In new software zero hour problem is back


Grow App 1.1.2 or 1.1.3?


Yes 1.12 is back to zero hour issue


You can try 1.1.3. It also contains time lapse image screen to test. Requires to upgrade controller to 2.14

Let me send you invite. Check your email.


Very nice love the added feature


Could you confirm if the “time shift” works with 1.1.3?


Yes works fine now


Thanks. I just submitted the build to Apple.